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The mission of Jackson Catholic Schools is to joyfully cultivate God’s goodness, beauty, and truth. Through our Catholic faith, we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, grow in virtue and intellect, and form our students to lead and serve our communities as saints.


Guided by our Catholic tradition, we provide the highest quality education and empower students to excel spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. We inspire them to reach their full potential and be the Light of Christ in this life and for eternity.


Through a well-rounded curriculum integrated with the message of Jesus Christ, St. John School strives to develop Christian people who will use their unique talents and gifts to recognize God’s goodness, experience the family that is our parish, and seek justice in the world, affirming the presence of Christ in all people.


St. John Parish has a rich and storied history that dates back to 1836 when 14 Catholic families came together to construct a log church on the grounds that would later become Francis Street. Initially, St. John's functioned as a mission church until 1855, when Fr. B.C. Koopmans assumed the role of its first pastor, although he did not reside within the parish.

The educational legacy of St. John's Parish began to take shape on September 15, 1873, with the establishment of its first school. On that momentous day, four dedicated sisters welcomed 200 eager students through its doors. In 1888, the parish expanded its educational offerings to include a high school, marking a significant milestone. The very first graduating class, consisting of three young women, proudly received their diplomas in 1892.


As the years passed, St. John School continued to grow and evolve. In 1901, a new school building was inaugurated, with its cornerstone being laid as a symbol of progress. On January 19, 1903, this new school opened its doors to an excited student body. Notably, during the mid-twenties, tuition for the grade school was a mere $1.00 per month, while high school tuition was $25.00 per year. These fees were reflective of a time when the average income was $2,196.00, and gasoline was a mere ¢11 per gallon.

In 1929, a significant change took place as uniforms were adopted, particularly for the high school students. This decision was made with the belief that uniforms would enhance punctuality, concentration in class, and social relationships among the students. Each class was further distinguished by different colored collars: freshmen wore pea green, sophomores donned royal blue, juniors sported cerise, and seniors proudly displayed sand-colored collars.

In the mid-20th century, St. John Parish embarked on a new chapter with the groundbreaking of a "new" high school on Cooper Street in 1954. This modern facility officially opened its doors to students in 1955, marking a significant leap forward in the parish's commitment to education. In 1959, the high school expanded further with the addition of fifteen classrooms, which would eventually become the present-day St. John Elementary School, solidifying the parish's dedication to providing quality education for the community.

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